Pages Acceleration, deploying to Coding and Github at the same time

The site was originally hosted on Github Pages, but the domestic access speed is too slow, and even the DNS resolution is often a problem, and the acceleration of CloudFlare does not see obvious effects. So I decided to deploy it to Coding at the same time to improve the speed of domestic access.


The domain name was purchased at Godaddy. Originally resolved to CloudFlare, now NS is changed to DNSPod Because DNSPod has the ability to provide domestic and international line resolution to different servers.
The configuration process is relatively easy. Several differences from Github Pages are:

  1. Github Pages custom domain name is through CNAME file, Coding is configured in the project settings domain name binding
  2. Coding provides full-site HTTPS functionality, but since Github’s custom domain name cannot use HTTPS, I have not enabled full-site encryption.
  3. Coding supports importing SSL/TLS and issuing it via Let’s Encrypt


The access speed has been greatly improved, and DNS resolution is also less error-prone. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to enable HTTPS at both Github and Coding. CloudFlare affects the resolution speed, so HTTP access is temporarily used.