Git QuickStart -- Team Collaboration

This article will introduce how Git is used in daily collaboration scenarios. Before reading, please make sure that you have a basic understanding of Git and master the common command usage.

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Config ESLint and Prettier in WebStorm

WebStorm comes with the function of Reformat Code , but it conflicts with the rules of ESLint and Prettier, so you must configure ESLint in WebStorm to use its code hint and Prettier to use its format function.

These two tools have been integrated in newer versions of WebStorm, but are not enabled by default.

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Record of 2020 JetBrains Question Round 1

In the v2ex forum, I saw someone mention that JetBrains launched a challenge on Twitter and I’m very interested in it.

The following content records the problem-solving process in the past few days. There are three rounds. The difficulty is not high and it is very interesting.

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Code Implementation of Levenshtein Distance

In the previous article, I mentioned that when doing fuzzy matching, Levenshtein distance was selected as the reference value. At the time, I directly used the Python library to implement it, which did not run fast in actual use.

In recent days, I have stayed at home and took the time to write several implementations of Levenshtein Distance in Kotlin.

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Writing an Alfred Workflow About VPN Connection

Part of the team’s services is deployed on the internal network. Usually, when we are remotely processing some work, we need to connect to the VPN.
Although Cisco’s AnyConnect client tool can be used, it cannot save passwords for automatic login, so the OpenConnect becomes a good choice, which is an open-source command-line tool.
This article is based on the macOS platform, using Alfred’s Workflow feature to improve the portability of OpenConnect connections.

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A Practice of Screen Adaptation

Android’s screen fragmentation problem has a long history. Generally, we use the same physical size on different devices. Such a solution does not completely restore the design draft, and the situation of individual adaptation will appear more frequently as the size of the project increases.

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