The Correct Way to Check Data with Google

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Important Preface And Statement

Google is a very important part of the development process, but for some well-known reasons, we often can not open the Google website.

Friends asked how to go to Google for information. In view of the fact that many tools that provide free acceleration services are exposed to show illegal information, this article will focus on introducing self-built servers.

Important statement:To speed up access to information only as a website such as Google, please do not! Absolutely not! Be used for! Profit! Or! Browse any! Illegal information! This is the red line, cherish life, do not break the law.

Tool introduction

The stability of mainland China’s network has fluctuated greatly in the past decade. Some websites can’t access/visit very slowly, and there are many ways to speed up. VPN is the most common way, but for various reasons, Shadowsocks is still stable.

There are many kinds of network transmission protocols, the most common are HTTP and HTTPS. Normally, browsing the web page is the two protocols. The icon with this small lock in front of the web address is HTTPS, which means that it is encrypted in the transmission process. There are other communication protocols, such as Socks.

Shadowsocks (hereinafter referred to as SS) is a tool based on Socks 5 proxy. Two years ago, after the author went to tea, he announced that he would stop defending the project and renounce the copyright of the project. However, because the project has become very famous after the author gave up, it became a community project, and many people continue to maintain it.

The working principle of SS is the same as other acceleration tools. It is realized through the transit server. For example, after setting up the proxy mode, you tell the browser to visit Google, the browser will send the request to the SS on the local machine, and the SS will send the obtained request to the SS on the transit server, and the transit server will ask for it. Send to Google and return the data back.

The transmission process of SS can be encrypted, and the common ways of encryption are AES-256-CFB, RC-4. Therefore, even if the interception is caught, the data content will not be exposed. Analyzing its working process, we can find that the most unsafe place in the process of forwarding requests and returning data to the transfer server. Therefore, buying a server by oneself is the safest choice.

Server selection guide

Server requirements

So how to choose the server? According to the working principle mentioned above, we can get the minimum requirement of the server:

  1. The server should be able to access the websites that we can not access.
  2. we need to be able to access the server.In other words, the minimum requirements are:

  3. It must be a server outside the mainland.

  4. The server itself has not been banned.

What are the common choices?

Here is a simple classification:

  1. Self-built server
    1. Complete system
    2. Docker
  2. The server that others are selling

A relatively safe and easy full system option for installation is introduced below.

Server purchase

There are several common requirements for servers:

  1. Connection situation
  2. Price
  3. Stability
  4. Other requirements (for a particular line optimization, IP needs in specific areas, etc.)

One explanation is that the connection situation refers to the speed and delay of accessing the server, that is, our download speed and the upload speed of the server. This speed is influenced by the line and the operator. For example, the telecommunication broadband users are the worst, the mobile broadband users are the fastest, and the data traffic is all the same. It’s very fast. Most of the delays are related to routes, such as a server in Singapore, but when accessing it, it is necessary to go around the United States before going back to Singapore. The delays are naturally very large.

Price is the most important factor in the process of purchasing. For individual users, the price of self-built servers is usually between 15 yuan and 60 yuan per month. The most common price is 30 yuan per month.

Stability, the server can not crash frequently, it is best to ensure 99.99% availability.

Other requirements, such as Pokemon Google, were initially only available in Australia, where Apple users could download it from an Australian account, and Android users could download it from a Google Play server connected to Australian IP(Maybe it is or not, just an example).

Common providers

The most common is [BanwagonHost], because it provides a key deployment, its own Chinese interface, supports Alipay payment, and focuses on the Chinese market, so it is popular.

Another common one is Digital Ocean, which offers a lower price ($5 per month), an international first-class service that supports credit card payments.

Buying and selling process

There are many low-priced chickens for bricklayers, which are not suitable for novices to configure, so here are two more convenient packages.

The first is a 20-dollar link that can be used or not slowly, a KVM architecture (easy to expand later), 512M memory (which can run some other services besides acceleration), 1000G traffic (one person is sure to run out of it), 10GB RAID (hard disk reading). Writing speed is moderate, this package is good for mobile broadband, union users, and telecom users can barely use it to meet the needs of daily information search, chat and so on.

Then there is a link that pays $30 a year. This is the CN2 line, which all users, especially Telecom broadband users, use very fast. The configuration is similar to that of the previous one, but because of CN2, the price will naturally be increased because of the increase in speed.


Installation acceleration tool

Once you’ve bought it, you can install it. If you need to install xshell or similar tools on Windows, or if you need to open Terminal on Linux or macOS.

Look at the IP address and password provided by the tiler in the purchase package. Assuming that the IP address is and the password is a password, enter it on the command line.

ssh root@

It is important to note that the password will not be displayed on the screen when it is entered, because the design is to prevent people from seeing the password on the screen.

Then log in successfully, first input.

apt-get update

This operation is to update the software library so that the next installation process will not be inexplicable errors.

This article will install Python version of SS, and many other versions can be selected.

apt-get install python-pip

This instruction is to install pip, which is a package management tool.

And then enter

pip install shadowsocks

So far, shadowsocks has been installed successfully.

Then you need to configure the password and port to ensure that you can only use it yourself.

Input command

nano /etc/shadowsocks.json

A mostly blank interface is displayed. Nano is a text editor, similar to Notepad on Windows. Copy the following

"server":"Your IP address",
"local_address": "",
"password":"Your password",

Then replace the “your IP” in the quotation mark with the IP address you purchased above, and change the “your password” to the password you want to set. Be careful to keep the quotation mark. Then press Ctrl+O and return to save and press Ctrl+X to quit editing.

The next few steps are not necessary, but in view of possible problems, it is better to complete the steps.

Then input

chmod 755 /etc/shadowsocks.json

This step is to elevate the permission of the configuration file to executable because it is possible that the file can only be read or written but not executed, so execute this instruction just in case.


apt–get install python–m2crypto

This instruction is installed here because it is possible that the encryption system you just selected does not support it.

Now is the last step, in the command line input.

nohup ssserver -c /etc/shadowsocks.json &

Note that there is a symbol at last, which is meant to enable the program to run in the background. If there are no errors, close the window, open the shadowsocks software on your computer, enter the IP and port and password you just configured, and start enjoying Google’s portability.


A very solemn statement, this article just for the convenience of developers to download learning and users to search information through Google, do not use acceleration tools to access illegal sites, and do not profit from this, has caught a lot of people selling the service…