Record of Re-Install MIUI ROM

Install new OS system、enable Google Now、change the feature of the button, etc.

MIUI International Edition Install Process


The first is to go to the International version of the Rom download area to find the corresponding model installation package and MiFlash, in order to prevent accidents, choose to clear all Data is wired and wired.

The international version does not have root permissions by default, even if it is a development version, so you need to brush into SuperSU to get root permissions. Here you choose to download the 2.7.6 version before the acquisition.

To install SuperSU, you need to first scan the third-party Recovery. Here, select TWRP, and use the fastboot command in the Platform SDKs directory of the Android SDK to intsll the recovery of the corresponding model. Then restart the phone and press the volume up button to enter the TWRP interface and select the SuperSU Zip compression package to install.

After the above steps are completed, because the MIUI is different from the original at the system level, the common Xposed framework corresponding to the system version number may not be used on the MIUI, so it is better to select the MI-specific version of the Xposed framework.


  1. The MIUI international version will not disappear after being swiped into TWRP. After the mainland version of MIUI is restarted, TWRP will be overwritten by the original REC.
  2. When the MIUI International Edition is launched for the first time, the region should be avoided from the China option. You can choose HK or TW to reduce the number of advertisements.

Enable Google Now

The most traditional method is to simulate the positioning of the United States and connect to the VPS after the card is pulled out. Later, it was developed to use the “Enable Google Now” (which has been removed). Now there is a mature way to open, and the flight mode ( Avoid being detected as a domestic carrier), then clear the data of the Google Apps, Google Play services, Google Service Framework three applications, then open WIFI, connect to the US VPS, open Google Now, activate successfully.

Change The Feature of Button

Android three button functions have changed with the version number, some Rom did not follow the new changes, so you can change the button by changing the configuration file, but you can only change the “click”, can not change the “double click” and “Press”. Change the location to /system/usr/keylayout folder. The configuration files used by different Rom are different, but generic.kl is not recommended for modification.