Install and Configure LEDE on Raspberry Pi 3B

LEDE is a project based on OpenWRT, which adapts many models. OpenWRT does not support Raspberry Pi 3, so only LEDE is available.

Preparation In Advance

Materials to be prepared are:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3B (other LEDE supported models do too).
  2. Network line
  3. SD card

Optional materials:

  1. USB to RJ45 pallet
  2. USB network card

The operation is done on the computer, so a computer that can connect the cable is needed.

Installation Steps

System Installation Of Raspberry Pi

To install another system, first, write the image to the SD card, recommend SD Formatter to format the SD card, and then use Win32 Disk Imager to brush in the brush package of the image suffix.

Note: Mirrors need to be searched on the official website. There is no small difference between the old and new images (Luci, the new homepage management interface).

Installation Of LEDE

The default management address of LEDE is, which is in conflict with most routers. Therefore, it is recommended to connect the Raspberry Pi to the computer with a network cable, turn off the Wifi function of the computer, and then manage it through address. SSH can also be directly controlled on the webpage.

It’s easy to find wireless on the management page. The Raspberry Pi 3 comes with its own wireless network card, so turn on the hotspot function first.

The Basic Configuration Of LEDE

Because the Raspberry Pi has only one RJ45 port, there are many steps to configure it. In the first step, we connect the Raspberry Pi to the computer. At this time, we use the eth0 port as the Lan port, but then we need to use eth0 as Wan, so we need to configure it on the Interface page first, and we need to configure the hot spots that will be opened. For LAN, eth0 is configured as WAN, and then the address of LAN is modified to 192.168.X.1, which can be distinguished from other routing addresses by taking X as 15, avoiding the common numbers of 1, 0 and 10.

Such as Wifi set a password, Wan set DHCP, modify SSID, modify Password and so on.

Continuing configuration of LEDE

Since it is based on OpenWRT, the plug-in is also a major advantage, because it is difficult for mainland China to access the download address, so it is necessary to download the package first.

There are packages of corresponding models available on the official website. It should be noted that if you download the translated packages in Chinese, you need to install the untranslated version first.


The raspberry pi 3B is not suitable for use as a router. It has small bandwidth and high fever. Although it has the advantage of portability, it has enough memory and is suitable for travel or lightweight use.

Some Miscellaneous Items

The instruction to install the package is opkg.

The operation of changing IP and WAN ports should be separately operated, so as to prevent Raspberry Pi from being broken up.

Raspberry Pi 3 and then connect to the wireless network card can facilitate the middleman attack.

During the test, video loading is hard.

Sometimes there will be a read-only file system’s error reporting, and the most important thing is to reinstall it directly.

Although mobile power is also available, it is best to use the adapter to provide sufficient voltage and current.