Record of 2020 JetBrains Question Round 2

The second round of challenges began the day after the first challenge. Let’s finish it.


Question 1 Reversed Sentence

Time for the next #JetBrainsQuest!
.spleh A+lrtC/dmC .thgis fo tuo si ti semitemos ,etihw si txet nehw sa drah kooL .tseretni wohs dluohs uoy ecalp a si ,dessecorp si xat hctuD erehw esac ehT .sedih tseuq fo txen eht erehw si ,deificeps era segaugnal cificeps-niamod tcudorp ehT

It ’s easy to see that this is an English sentence in reverse order. After reversing, we can see this.

The product domain-specific languages are specified, is where the next of quest hides. The case where Dutch tax is processed is a place you should show interest. Look hard as when text is white, sometimes it is out of sight. Cmd/Ctrl+A helps.

Question 2 Find the Area

I made the keywords bold, which are domain-specific languages andDutch tax. We go to the product list and it is not difficult to find that MPS is the target.

Click Learn more and find another keywordDutch tax to view the report.

According to the prompt, using Control / Command + A, you will find a blank area is different.

Copy and paste in the text box, you can see the following.

This is our 20th year as a company,
we have shared numbers in our JetBrains
Annual report, sharing the section with
18,650 numbers will progress your quest.

Keywords: 20thAnnual report18650sharing the section

Question 3 Find the Number within Report

Then you have to find the annual report of JetBrains. Generally, such reports are placed in related forums or blogs. We look for it in the upper right corner of the official website.

After entering the blog, the annual report is an article within 0 to 4 months. After looking for a few articles, you will find an article named [JetBrains 20th Birthday Round-up] (https: // blog / blog / 2020/02/18 / jetbrains-20th-birthday-round-up /), which mentions the annual report [JetBrains 2019 Annual Highlights] ( /annualreport/2019). After clicking the report, we can find this section.

At this point, the keyword 18650 will be used. Read sections again, and you will find that there is a section whose total number is 18650.

According to the prompt we need to share this section, after clicking the icon to the right of the title, you will see the following

I have found the JetBrains Quest! Sometimes you just need to look closely at the Haskell language, Hello,World! in the hackathon lego brainstorms project #JetBrainsQuest

Keywords: HaskellHello, World!lego brainstorms

Question 4 Identify the Statement

Enter the link in the prompt or click the Learn more in the picture above to enter the same page, find the corresponding project, you can see the prompt shown in the figure, and use the developer tools to easily copy the content.

d1D j00 kN0w J378r41n2 12 4lW4Y2 H1R1N9? ch3CK 0u7 73h K4r33r2 P493 4nD 533 1f 7H3r3 12 4 J08 F0r J00 0R 4 KW357 cH4LL3n93 70 90 fUr7h3r @ l3457.

It’s easy to see that this is still a paragraph of English and most words are easily recognizable. This reminds me of Hexspeak.

Did you know jetbrains is always hiring? check out the 「K4r33r2」 page and see if there is a job for you or a 「KW357」challenge to go further at least

According to the context, “K4r33r2” is a job-related word, and there are consecutive identical letters like “33”. It is natural to guess that it is careers. The remaining word is difficult to guess. Continue thinking, you will find that the law of letter and number substitution is the same, so it can be known from reasoning that “KW357” should be quest

Did you know jetbrains is always hiring? check out the careers page and see if there is a job for you or a quest challenge to go further at least.

Keywords: Careersquest challenge

Also, return to the homepage of JetBrains, find the recruitment page in the upper right corner, you can find the following positions.

Click to enter, you will see the following.

Keywords: game developers , Konami games , cheating

The social media post mentioned in the picture can be searched one by one, and you will find that the keywords are hit in the report

Question 5 Cheat Code

Based on the other two keywords, we can enter the familiar cheat codes.

Now we have entered a web game. After winning, we can see the answer.


Like the last challenge, I also received an email.

So you like playing games, do you?

Then we hope you are having fun. Your knack for puzzles, challenges, and out of the box thinking will serve you well as a developer. Whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, it’s dangerous to adventure alone. Take this to aid you on your onward journey.