Record of 2020 JetBrains Question Round 3

This is the final challenge of JetBrains Quest.


Question 1 Base64 Problem


we can use base64 to decode.

Have you seen the post on our Instagram account?

Ok, let’s go to Instagram.

Welcome to the final Quest! You should start on the Kotlin Playground:
P.S. If you don’t know about the #JetBrainsQuest, it’s not too late to find out.

Question 2 Caesar Problem with Kotlin

fun main() {
val s = "Zh#kdyh#ehhq#zrunlqj#552:#rq#wkh#ylghr#iru#wkh#iluvw#hslvrgh#ri#wkh#SksVwrup#HDS1#Li#zh#jdyh#|rx#d#foxh/#lw#zrxog#eh#hdv|#dv#sl1"

val n: Int = TODO()
for (c in s) {
print(c - n)

It’s Caesar encryption again, which we use n=3 and can get this hint.

We have been working 22/7 on the video for the first episode of the PhpStorm EAP. If we gave you a clue, it would be easy as pi.

Question 3 Pie Problem

Returning to the familiar blog, it is easy to find articles by using PhpStorm and EAP as keywords.

22/7 is about 3.14, look at the introductory video, we’re going to pause at 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

We can see that there is a series of links in the picture, open after you can enter the answer level.

Question 4 Answers

The questions are not difficult but can be answered by looking at the annual report and some historical data related to JetBrains. Here is some information from the report and website.

After all answers within the time limit, you can see the next level.

Question 5 Build Number

Almost there! The last challenge is in the Tips of the Day of a specific IntelliJ IDEA Community version from our latest build page in Confluence, but… there is a catch. You have to know which version to look for. To find the build number, you need sight beyond sight:
. Not Everything Today Does All You Could Ask. Lessons Learned From Other Relevant Solutions, Possibly Even Another Kind Emerge. Risking Sometimes Being Liberal Or Generous Proves Ordinary Simple Tests Infinitely More Annoying. Get Examining Hidden Initial Designated Early Symbols. They Have Everything Needed, Except Xerox, To Completely Level Up Everything.

Look at the second paragraph, which is like the classic acrostic, and take out all the capital letters to get the following.


Open the familiar blog again, it is not difficult to find the corresponding article.

At this point, we have the target build number.


Next, go to JetBrains Confluence and find the download link.

After downloading and installing, open Tip of the Day from Help at the top.

When you click patiently, you will find that one of the Tips is the last level.

Question 6 Fibonacci Number

You have discovered our JetBrains Quest! If you don’t know what this is, you should start from the beginning.
This is it. The last puzzle. You are just one step away from glory!
Now you just need the Key to unlock the Quest page.
The Key is the first and last 4 digits of the 50 * 10^6 position of the Fibonacci sequence (F(50 Million)).
As you may know by now, not all that glitters is gold, and to solve this puzzle you should not go straight for the obvious answer. May you make a glorious choice.
Remember that you have until the 15th of March at 12:00 CEST.

This problem is not very easy to solve, the last four Numbers can be easily calculated by the program, as long as the part of more than 10,000 can be removed in each operation, you can get the result is 3125, the first four numbers did not think of a good way, also failed to successfully deduce the formula, etc., and finally use Wolfram Alpha to calculate the result, is 4602.

At this point, all levels are solved.



All good things must come to an end, or so they say.

We personally don’t think good things should ever end. But, in any case, this is the final part of this JetBrains Quest series. We would first like to thank you for taking part in the quests we’ve created, and we congratulate you on overcoming all the challenges we’ve confronted you with.

Maybe you did it for the glory, maybe for the intrigue, or maybe just to pass the time… Whatever your reason, we are grateful, and we would like to present you with your final prize.